Ainsley Hillyard, Artistic Director

10515 111 street
Edmonton, AB

Tel: (780) 802-6867

The Brian Webb Dance Company is a not for profit society that produces and presents seasons of contemporary dance. One of our strongest values is the belief that the development of an art form and an appreciative audience for it are simultaneous activities. We put our energy and resources toward activities that help to make contemporary dance a dynamic and relevant expression of contemporary Canadian life.

The BWDC is a real community player engaging in local, regional, and national dialogues on dance. Our presentations provide a context for dance artists from the contemporary dance community to interact with and perform in Edmonton. Most of our presentations are residencies where guest artists interact with the local dance community as well as students of dance at the University of Alberta and the performing arts high school. It is important that artists are ready to work with us in developing programs that reach our local community so that it is able to enjoy the artistic event central to each presentation.

Samples of Groups Presented:
Fortier Danse-Création, Sylvain Émard Danse, Holy Body Tattoo, O Vertigo, Toronto Dance Theatre, Red Sky Performance, Coriograph Theatre, Kidd Pivot, Nicole Mion, Heidi Bunting, Noha Gupta.

Performance Facility:
BWDC does not operate a permanent facility, but rents venues appropriate for the presentation. We use the John L. Haar Theatre, the Timms Centre for the Arts, the Westbury Theatre and the Jubilee Auditorium.

The BWDC has participated in every CanDance Network Large Scale Commission project.