Want to become a CanDance Member?

If you are presenting dance, please consider joining our supportive network of peers

At CanDance, we are proud of our nurturing, sharing environment. We understand that we have things to learn from each other, and collectively, we can lift each other up, tackle challenging sector wide problems, and make the dance world a little better in the process. 

Dance presenting is hard work – a juggling act of artistic curation and hard business skills – often done in isolation. If you ask our members what they value most about CanDance, they will say the camaraderie and the advice-sharing in the group. However, our other projects and services (all designed by the presenters to meet presenter needs) are also invaluable.

What projects and services do we offer presenters?

We’re here to help. Our projects and services have been designed by the member presenters, specifically to address unique needs. They include:

  • An active (but not spammy!) members-only email group, through which presenters genuinely ask and answer each other questions, and share relevant news and resources 
  • An Annual In-Person Presenter’s Meeting at different dance events each year (we prioritize events organized by and featuring equity deserving artists). This meeting includes relevant professional development training, time to discuss artistic programming ideas, time to network with each other and artists in the community, and time to share meals and see dance shows together
  • Annual travel funding to attend Indigenous Dance Programming
  • Two Annual Creation Funds, with up to $30,000 in matching funds available 
  • One Annual Creative Exchange Project, with up to $16,500 matching funds available 
  • One to two Regional Meetings a year, in different communities each year
  • Virtual Members Meetings on relevant topics as they arise (ie. pandemic support meetings, artistic programming meetings, etc.)
  • A members-only website including an online programming platform
  • In Development: Ongoing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion training
  • A voice in ongoing research and advocacy activities.

Join the network to have your perspective heard. 

We are always evolving our programming and services in response to the feedback and emerging needs of our members. Your voice helps us all collectively. We are here to listen, respond, and support your work!

Am I eligible to join?

We have four criteria you must meet to become a member:

  1. Present high quality dance performances to an audience on a regular or ongoing basis, including, on occasion, dance artists from outside of your geographic community. 
  2. Provide other services or support to your local or national dance community, such as administrative services, consultations, workshops, residencies, co-production assistance or commissions.
  3. Show a commitment to supporting the development and presentation of new dance pieces and artists within a curatorial context or artistic mandate. 
  4. Ensure dance artists are fairly compensated financially for their work.

What are the roles and responsibilities of members?

Once you are a CanDance member, you will be expected to:

  • Present dance as a central activity 
  • Play an active role in the CanDance network
  • Attend the annual meeting (virtual)
  • Pay annual membership fee consistent with industry standards
  • Pay artist fees consistent with industry standards
  • Sign and abide by our Code of Ethics

What are the annual membership fees?

Membership fees are based on the annual dance presenting budget of each member.

$100/YEAR for presenters with an annual dance presenting budgets smaller than $50,000 annually. 

$350/YEAR for presenters with an annual dance presenting budget of $50,000 – $500,000 annually. 

$650/YEAR for presenters with an annual dance presenting budget greater than $500,000 annually

I want to join. What should I do next? 

Get in touch! Please send us an email at office@candance. ca with the following information: 

  • Who you are, and an explanation of how you or your organization meets the four eligibility criteria listed above.
  • A statement of willingness to meet the roles and responsibilities of membership listed above.
  • Some examples of the range of fees you have paid to present dance artists over the past few years.

Once we receive your email, we will write back promptly. We pass on your application email to our board of directors for review and approval at the next board meeting (they typically happen every 6-8 weeks). 
If you have any questions about joining, please contact us at office@candance.ca

Photo credits: All banners and cover images, photos by Leemarc Lao