La Rotonde

Marie-Hélène Julien, Managing Director and Programmer

336, du Roi Street
Suite 100
Québec, QC
G1K 2W5

Tel: (418) 649-5013

La Rotonde is the sole specialized contemporary dance presenter in the province of Québec outside of Montréal. With a program of 12 to 15 shows every season, La Rotonde aims to foster significant encounters between artists, their work and the public, and to raise awareness about the discipline of contemporary dance in its community. ​

La Rotonde is also a major leader in the establishment of sustainable tours for dance artists throughout the province of Québec and in the rest of Canada.

La Rotonde doesn’t own a venue, but selects the venue that suits best each show that is part of the programming. La Rotonde then rents the chosen venues which are, for the most part, located in downtown Québec City.